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Public Art

"Venaglia controls technique, composition, texture and a deep sense of color with the assured skill and confidence of any late Nineteenth Century master."
Emily Goodrich, 3/02 Southern California Art Digest

Biddy Mason
original painting 9'x3'


On KCAL News set: Mark, Linda Brown, Pat Harvey


Anchor women Pat Harvey interviews the artist.

Project budget requirement $20K
Proposed location Grand St., Los Angeles

"The Arpeggio" South panel 8'x12'
City of Pasadena, PerCent for Art Program

"The Arpeggio" North panel 8'x12'
Location: Euclid and Cordova

"Huntington Fantasia" Hilton Hotel Lobby
Pasadena, a suite of nine mural panels

"Huntington Fantasia" detail, Casein Fresco on muslin

"Huntington Fantasia" Staghorn Fern detail

"Huntington Fantasia" Art Nouveau element detail

" 'Huntington Fantasia' murals ...stunning and atmospheric juxtaposition of color and texture... A whirlwind pastiche of Art Nouveau and mid Sixties hallucinations- one would not anticipate their adornment in so corporate an environment, which further enhances their status as one of Pasadena's greatest aesthetic surprises...murals' whimsical charm camouflage an unrelenting eroticism that one finds simultaneously unsettling and captivating throughout."

Emily Goodrich, 3/02
Southern California Art Digest


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